4FF Health and Wellbeing Kiosk

The 4FF kiosk provides you with the perfect partnership in delivering your company’s Health and Wellbeing programme to your employees.

The kiosk provides your company with a baseline and ongoing measurement of your workforce’s health and wellbeing to reduce sickness absence and leading to a more productive workforce. Regular monitoring encourages behavioural changes and empowers employees to manage their own health better

The compact interactive kiosk can be located in a key area or privacy of an office allowing your employees to self-monitor their health and wellbeing at their convenience.

Measuring the 5 vital areas for Health and Wellbeing, 4FF empowers employees to manage their own health, whilst delivering increased productivity and fewer absences, leading to a more cost-efficient workforce.



Environmental Issues

On behalf of the vendor or purchaser, 4FF’s due diligence service offers a unique combination of experienced staff, geographic convenience and technical, legislative and cultural knowledge. From commercial and industrial properties to undeveloped land, 4FF has the expertise to assess liabilities at every transactional stage.

Occupational Safety

Discover current facility and field safety issues including machine guarding, forklift safety, emergency showers, eyewash, fire safety, lone workers, safe driving and fall protection. Learn more about safety training, safety management best practices and news about workplace incidents and fatalities.

Occupational Health

4FF provides expert occupational health advice to the companies & government. 4FF develops OH Tool Kit and Health and Safety journals for organizations.
4FF also offers Occupational Physiotherapy Services, Workplace Ergonomics Servcies, Occupational Health & Wellbeing and Professional Training & Coaching

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